Shebeen show : They wouldn’t let us stop!

Shebeen show : They wouldn’t let us stop!

Saxophone playerBy Richard Carter

“Please do more, play some more”

This weekend we performed our famous Shebeen Show at Birchwood, which was converted into a real shebeen with corrugated iron, beer crates and a spaza shop.

As the guest arrived they were welcomed by Dikeledi the Shebeen Queen who tuned     them into the Kofifi vibe. On stage Olufemi on sax, Kumo on guitar and me on percs played a slick background of South African jazz.

Starting the show the Queen sang “Meadowlands”, and our funky dance crew performed an old style kwela dance with acrobatic combinations. After that the Queen sang “Ixiga” with a smooth sax solo by Olufemi and followed up with the Mbaqanga foot stomper “Bombela”.
Our talented dancers then performed a gumboot dance-off between men and women,    they traded sequences and fused them together in thunderous rhythms that built to a massive climax.With the Pantsula and Kwaito dance numbers and DJ “The Cat” Mdu on decks, the music hit the spot and the crowd immediately got their groove on.

The show finished with the whole audience joining in on the “Step One”, a popular sequence danced at parties. But for the crowd this was not the end, they did not want it to stop and called out for more. The MC eventually pulled it back but we weren’t  done, they wanted another number, so Dikeledi sang a final song and eventually to much applause they let us go.

At the end of a long evening it’s good to know that you have been part of a quality  show and brought a group to ecstatic synergy and left them far happier than when they arrived.

Dancer photoDancers on stageSmiles of dancer



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