Creating Union at Johannesburg University

Drum Cafe creates union at Johannesburg University

by Carel Bester

The Drum Café’sperformance at Johannesburg University showed just how drums can create social cohesion. With master drummers and an audience focused interactive drumming session; everybody participated in rhythm and dance.

An exceptional performance by the Drum Café, provided an environment of freedom and expression to all attending students that contributed with their own spontaneous dance and song. This event crossed all boundaries of ethnicity and culture, with three hundred drums and percussive instruments.  Enabling the students to express their natural rhythm and love for music, overcoming inhibitions and building their self-esteem. It could be seen on the ecstatic faces of all of the students, they were truly experiencing the power of the drum!

It has been shown that drumming can remove learning barriers, tap into the creative power of the right side of the brain, improve memory and help with overcoming social problems. Traditionally, the drum used, Djembe, has long been associated with community and team building, having its roots in West African.  The word “Djembe” originated from the saying; in Mali, “”Anke djé, anke bé” which translates to “everyone gathers together in peace.” Drumming in the current social-political climate provides a means to come together and interact on an equal basis, healing and promoting the flow of energy between people and overcoming political and social hurdles.

The Djembe is not only used for events, but top companies also make use of this incredible drum to improve team performance, as a promotional tool, to relieve stress, increase teamwork and improve the general well-being of employees.

This event at Johannesburg University was a memorable reminder of the Ubuntu quality the drum offers and how well Drum Café utilizes this to its maximum potential. The collaboration of everybody involved made the event, an unforgettable experience.

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