Linkin Park with Drum Cafe and Save The Children in Japan

When Drum Cafe Japan was invited by Save the Children in Japan to run an event at Ishinomaki High School, they had no idea that they would be performing for the world’s number one rock band, Linkin Park.

Ishinomaki is one of the areas in Japan which was badly hit by the  tsunami, and where many thousands of people lost their lives. Linkin Park have been very involved in supporting relief efforts in Japan and on the 12th of September they happended to be on a break from their music tour in Japan. Since Linkin Park are also allied with Save the Children, they asked to see how the organization is helping people, and they ended up at Ishinomaki high school, just in time for Drum Cafe’s performance!

And thus Drum Cafe had the amazing opportunity to play for 70 high school students and Linkin Park. The video speaks for itself – although its unclear who enjoyed the event more – the school children, the Drum Cafe performers or the band members of Linkin Park!


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