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 Some 15 years ago before I started working regularly with Drum Café in Johannesburg I spent a few months in Cote d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso with master drummer Adama  Drame. I joined him on a tour of the region that celebrated his 30 years as a musician. 30 years in which he toured the world teaching and performing with his group Foliba and  establishing himself as a celebrated exponent of the jembe.

I have recently rediscovered some of his CD’s and I’m amazed once again at his unbelievable mastery of the instrument, the depth of his composition and the excellence of the  talent that he brought into Foliba.

Check out the audio clip below.

I remember how inspired we all were at that time by this music and how this enthusiasm led to the development of our team building techniques with drumming as Drum Café established itself in the early days of social renewal in the new South Africa.

Track:  “Sababou” from CD “Adama Drame Le Geant du Djembe”, Playa Sound 1998