Ambient Boomwacking feature on TED

These ambient experiences are soulful and provides a sense of peace and tranquility that is almost tangible. Boomwackers, with rhythm, have been used all over the world successfully to entertain, improve team-building and provide a great deal of stress relieve to participants. These devices are simple, yet the results are amazing they vary in length to produce five different tones and create an ambiance that resonates long after the show is over.  Everybody in the audience participates, creating different phrases and patterns, building up into an unique composition.

In the boomwacking experience you are part of the performance and not just passively listening to it. It is an amazing experience one never forgets. Music and rhythm comes naturally to us and what better way to express this inborn capacity than to partake in a musical collaboration, like one hosted by the Drum Cafe.


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