International Deaf Congress Experiences Interactive Drumming!

The World Congress of the Federation of the Deaf is held every four years at different locations around the world. In 2011, the conference, themed ‘The Global Deaf Renaissance’ was proudly hosted by South Africa.

Drum Cafe Durban, in collaboration with Drum Cafe Joburg, opened this conference at the ICC in Durban by bringing its interactive drumming experience to this very unique group of people.

The crowd couldn’t hear the rhythm, but they expressed enthusiastically that they could feel it!  Interactively mimicking the visual cues of the facilitating dancers, the people drummed very energetically.


This crowd said it was an amazing sensation, they could feel it in their bodies, and their joyous expression was apparent.

  • Abram, South Africa – “I am completely deaf I have no hearing… I could feel it pulsating through my body”
  • Kiki,  Holland – “And I was drumming by myself and I was watching everybody… I felt some sort of connection you felt the vibration of the drum…”
  • Helder,  Portugal – “The girl was dancing and conducting us with her body it was really nice… fantastic”
  • Ayanda,  South Africa – “We didn’t need to rely on our hearing we could feel it through our bodies. I enjoyed it so much.”

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