Creating Synergy through sound at Johannesburg Zoo

Drum Cafe facilitated an energizing drum circle team-building session for a leading consulting firm last Friday at the Johannesburg Zoo.

This musical team-building event, by Drum Cafe, provide everybody with their own instrument and together created a fusion of music and dance.

The attendees were overcome with joy and enthusiasm beating their drums in unison, creating a space of collaboration and enjoyment. Music creates a vibe, a sense of belonging regardless of where you come from, one of open participation as well as communication. The participants easily followed the beats and experienced the power of the drum circle first hand.

The magic happens here, regardless of who you are, your musical ability or culture you have the ability to contribute toward the rhythm.

Drum Café have been using this concept for interactive team-building events from its inception in 1996 to host local, as well as international events.This particular event was hosted by our experienced facilitators and drummers which included Kolani (Andrew) Magengenene, Bafana Enock Mahlangu , Molutsi Mogamiand and Lerato Ndlovu. They have for major events including the Fifa World Cup Soccer Opening in South Africa, have toured extensively in Japan and recently did an effective HIV intervention campaign in South Africa.


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