Our HIV Roadshow


With HIV & Aids being such a burning issue in Southern Africa, Drum Cafe in collaboration with one of SA’s leading Petroleum, Logistics & Oil Companies embarked on a campaign that stretched from Cape Town to Mozambique. This HIV Awareness campaign promoted health & social awareness issues like the use of condoms, staying faithful to one partner, general health practices and knowing your status

This campaign lasted from October through December 2012. In total, the tour covered 48 locations and consisted of 6-10, twenty-minute sessions each day. The team led by Xolani (Andrew) Magengenene incorporated Industrial Theatre techniques as well as interactive drumming with lots of comedy & laughter to spread this message.

Participants included top executives to grass-root level employees.

As the video shows, the campaign was met with great gratitude and the response from these sessions was extremely positive. This campaign made a real difference in local communities.

How can we help you spread the message of hope, health and being HIV free in 2013?

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