Studies Prove the Organizational Benefits of Drumming

It has been confirmed by a number of studies that drumming is an effective tool for increases organizational efficiency, relieving stress and improving a person’s overall mood.

The most famous of these is a study was done by Barry Bittman, MD, CEO and medical director of Meadville Medical Center’s Mind-Body Wellness Center. He did a study over six weeks introducing an one hour daily drumming session with nursing staff in Pennsylvania.

His results found that the staff member’s mood improved by about 50%, and that their tiredness and fatigue decreased significantly. Dr. Bittman said it resulted in 49 fewer employees resigning from the nursing home – the Westbury United Methodist Retirement Community – over the 12 months that followed.

The results of these studies were implemented by prestigious Fortune 500 companies including Toyota, Unilever, Raytheon and Oracle with the goal to decrease absenteeism and reduce employee turnover and achieved great success.

Not only is drumming good for organisations but individuals can benefit greatly from it as well. Dr. Bittman’s study showed also that drumming helps enhance one’s cellular immune system, stimulating the activity of cytokines and specialized white blood cells.

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References: Paul Tharp. New York Post. New York, N.Y.: Dec 5, 2003. pg. 039 Composite effects of Group drumming Music Therapy on Modulation of Neoroendocrine-Immune Parameters in normal subjects, Barry B. Bittman, MD, Lee S. Berk, MPH, DrPH, David L. Felten, MD, PhD, James Weste


2 thoughts on “Studies Prove the Organizational Benefits of Drumming

  1. I have done an indepth study about the healing effects of drumming. Barry Bittmans work was at the core of my research, but there is so much more. It touches us at the genetic and molecular levels. For a copy of my Thesis, check out my website.

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