Keeping it Green

Between November and December 2011, the City of Durban hosted the “Durban Green Festival” to coincide with COP17 and the influx of thousands of international delegates. For Drum Cafe Durban it was essentially a mini-World Cup event, with the main objective being to liven up the beach promenade with entertainers and interactive drumming sessions.

Over a 14-day period we ran 3 drumming sessions a day with 100 drums for general public participation. The drumming sessions were a huge success, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia at the first rumble of drums on the first day. We are back at the beach…. And the people are loving it!

Our drumming sessions were warmly embraced by all including the regular holiday-makers from inland, and Durban locals.

Our roving street performers included Zulu Dancers, Gumboot Dancers, Indian Dancers and Drumming Troupes, placed at various entertainment nodes along the beachfront, and rotating amongst these nodes.

It was a delicate balancing act keeping to the client’s rigid schedule, and keeping the performers in a state of mind that their activities appeared organic and free-flowing, but with a bit of policing from me on my bicycle, and some mothering from my assistant Nikki, the rest was smooth sailing.

For Drum Cafe Durban this event was a fantastic way to end off the year.boabab tree


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