Recycled Band Competition

Drum Café in collaboration with the Knysna tourism board, Business and Arts South Africa, First National Banks and Naturally Knysna hosted the Recycled Band competition for the community of Knysna during 2011.

The challenge was to create your own musical instrument out of recycled material, create a piece music and perform it to a local audience. There were 100 participants that performed on the day and a crowd of approx. 250 which reflected a “true coming together” of the various communities of the Greater Knysna Area, and which created a connected, warm and heart-filled event with the true feeling of COMMUNITY and TOGETHERNESS being felt and experienced by all.Big Band

This innovative project was created by the Nidhi Chaitow and the owner of Drum Cafe and was aimed at providing education on environmental issues, developing creativity and innovation through music and at the same time promote entrepreneurship and business.

The winner was chosen from a wide range of categories and prizes were given to best original composition, community spirit, best concept and best instrument. The total prize money was a whopping R15 500, R14 000 sponsored by Drum Café as well as R1500 donated by a member of the audience.Kids with drums

Some very innovative instruments came from these bright minds including, shakers made from bottle caps, bottle blowers, a percussion set made from tin cans and discarded boxes and a drum tone that intergrated the concept of a guitar and drum.

The winners, Upcycle and the Masi Minstrels, let by the designs of Christo Pieterse, build amazing guitars out of recycled wood, tin cans and hardhats and gave a performance that totally stunned their audience.

They were the very proud recipients of R10 000 prize money and reflected the true spirit of the recycled band competition.

Other winners included:Banging on tins

  • Sunbird School Band – R500 for Best original composition
  • Rondevlei Lente Bokkies – R500 for Best Community Spirit(Spirit of Our Nation)
  • Little Elly Bellies – R2000.00 for the Best Concept
  • Green Oaks – R2000.00 for The Best Instrument Prize

Kim Torrau, principal of Sunbird School had this to say :

“The Recycled Band competition was a wonderful experience for us as a small school! It was so in line with what we focus on in our everyday school life in terms of developing awareness of the need to take responsibility for the care of our planet and the various changes we can make in order to do so.”


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