Special Feature Drum Cafe Zimbabwe

When Allan Kennedy met Warren Lieberman in 2007 and spent some time working at Drum Cafe Johannesburg, he was immediately drawn to the business. In the following few years, Allan spent some time working with Brett Schlesinger at Drum Cafe in London, studied Music Production and technology in Perth, Australia and played with various bands and groups in Zimbabwe and Australia.

When Allan graduated at the end of 2010, he knew he wanted a successful, meaningful live at home in Zimbabwe, but wanted to continue playing music and interacting with people from different cultures. A few months later, with much help from his supportive parents and  mentor Warren Lieberman, Drum Cafe Zimbabwe is now officially open for business.

Drum Cafe Zimbabwe’s first event took place on Friday 24 June 2011 for the ‘Skal Club’ – a travel industry group celebrating 60th anniversary. The following day, Drum Cafe held an official launch for a select group of corporate guests, event organizers, embassy representatives and top business people in Zimbabwe.

Allan believes that Drum Cafe Zimbabwe should have a bright future – the country is changing for the better and people are looking for something new and fresh to usher in this change. Allan – the Drum Cafe community is behind you and your team, we wish you best of luck!


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