Drum Café in Stellenbosch winelands with McKinsey consultants

Stellenbosch with logo

Drum Café Cape Town ran a complex and unusual event for Mckinsey & Company, a global management consulting firm. The event was planned over a period of months in consultation with McKinsey staff in the USA, Europe and Joburg.

When the day arrived, the 250 participants were divided into 6 groups and each given one of the following themes;  Zulu, Kwaito, Gumboot & Kwela dance, a singing group and a drumming group. Each group was taken to a different wine estate around Stellenbosch/Franschhoek area where they participated in a 3-hour workshop with Drum Café’s teams and rehearsed a performance according to their respective themes.

Later they all arrived at Molenvliet Wine Estate for dinner to present their pieces to the other groups. There was much excitement and anticipation as the stellenbosch people graphicsperformers donned their accessories and the show was on! Following the performance Drum Café finished off the session with  a communal interactive drumming session.

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