A Visit from Didgeridoo virtuoso Kristian Benton

Group-photoOn the 7th of February this year Drum Cafe hosted an encounter between the Australian didgeridoo virtuoso Kristian Benton, Basadi Le Maropa from the Drum Cafe and Njabulo Majola and Tlokwe Sehume from the Jazz Indigenous Music Incubator.

Kristen was brought to South Africa by the Australian High Commission and was accompanied for the session by Will Butler, Senior Researcher from the Commission.

In the session we exchanged knowledge of traditional South African and Australian instruments and musical culture. Basadi Le Moropa presented marimba, accapella and drum pieces, Kristian performed on the didgeridoo and Njabulo and Tlokwe demonstrated the Uhadi bow, mbira and reed pipes.

Kristen was fascinated by the tour we gave him of the Drum Cafe Museum, Tlokwe gave us a lot of detail the different instruments and told us how the San used the uhadi bow to distract bees so they could collect honey by playing a specific note that disarmed them.


To finish we had a session where we combined the sounds of the different traditions, the result was quite magical.



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