Beating Cancer through Drumming

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During their trip to South Africa, Chaiyanu an association that provides hope to children that are diagnosed with cancer, contacted Drum Cafe to provide them with a true African cultural experience.

The girls naturally fell into rhythm and spontaneously burst into song, extracting the joy out of each beat with a sense of tremendous inspiration and well-being.

The correlation between drumming and well-being is well documented by scientific studies, drumming increases endorphins, boosts the immune system and improves a persons overall health.

It has been employed by countless hospitals to assist in rehabilitation, healing and of course as a moral booster. It is also an extremely fun way to increase muscle mass, muscle movement and co-ordination.

Apart from the obvious health benefits, drumming also improves team co-operation and cohesion.

Drum Cafe has been using the principals of drumming for years to increase organizational efficiency and increasing productivity through creating synergy through sound to teach people how to communicate better by employing the principals of communal drumming.

During the session the girls experienced how the power of drumming together as one cohesive team, bursting out in spontaneous song as the session progressed.

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