A TED Talk with Jo-Ann Radus

Jo-Ann Radus has motivated and inspired hundreds of thousands of people globally with her insight and passion for effective communication, diversity and collaboration. Her love of music as a universal language led her to partner with the South Africa-based company Drum Café almost 20 years ago.

Using interactive drumming and rhythmic exercises she is able to unite hundreds of people without saying a single word. Jo-Ann, then, uses the platform created by the musical collaboration to deliver empowerment messages that resonate deeply with her audiences.

Growing up in a divided South Africa had a deep impact on Jo-Ann, as a former member of the then illegal ANC , Jo-Ann was intensely involved with the struggle for freedom in South Africa.

Her commitment to equality for all had her seeking bridges between estranged communities. Jo-Ann found that through her passion for theatre, music and dance she could help people unite beyond their prejudices and begin a process of finding common connection. In 2003 Jo-Ann Radus & Alain Eagles travelled from Johannesburg South Africa to Atlanta, GA to bring Drum Café and their inspiring message to the United States.

For the past 12 years Jo-Ann and Alain have travelled across America working with many large and small corporate audiences. With a team of highly talented world class musicians, their company, Drum Café Southeast delivers a powerful message of collaboration, team work and the importance of authenticity.

Jo-Ann has a  Master’s in Industrial Social Work in South Africa and her work has been featured on Good Day Atlanta, CNN headline news, CNN Espanol and several times on SABC.

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