Drumming and Appreciative Enquiry


Since ancient times, tribes of all cultures have gathered “in a circle” to meet, discuss and explore what is in the best interest of the group through drumming and storytelling.

In this team building program corporate groups are guided by world class facilitators , through an interactive drumming experience where each participant is taught to play the drum,  encouraged  to deeply  listen to each other and feel the power and possibilities that are created when a team is able to work together making music with the drum and other percussion instruments . Each individual bringing their unique sound into the mix to create a one of a kind percussive Orchestra creating a sense of unity through diversity.

This is combined with a circle of storytelling where each person in the group shares a part of themselves … “who am I”, “who are you”, highlighting the strengths, uniqueness and gifts each individual brings to the group.

Duration; 1.5 hours

Benefits include

  • Breaking down barrierscreating a strong feeling of connection and belonging within the group.
  • Celebrates each person’s unique strengths and highlights their talents.
  • Creates an awareness of each person’s individual role within the group and highlights the importance of listening to one another and Aligning to a common goal, mission and vision.
  • Accelerates productivity  through stimulating a sense of creative possibility, sparking creative thought and encouraging lateral thinking.
  • Pure fun and high energy experience creating an opportunity for teams to let go and laugh together.
  • Creates a platform for healthy, effective dialogue among team members

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